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Ema Kelly
Selected Artists 2014

Creating unconventional pieces with a flair for inventive design, Ema Kelly’s palette of colours combined within minimalist forms has made her work striking and desirable to an array of clientele. Designs express tones of playfulness and elegance, always illustrating the tactile fluidity of the material and the sumptuous colours available.

Using hot glass techniques known as lampworking and glass blowing, Ema manipulates molten glass using age-old methods, tools, precision timing and temperature control to form her works. Coldworking and silversmithing are used to further enhance the hot-made forms.
Finding the subtle beauty in everyday life, Ema translates this to create her contemporary ranges of home décor, gifts, and jewellery.

Ema’s true passion has always been glass making. A material unlike any other, this solid liquid had her attention from the first time she tried her hand at glass blowing in 2003. She specialised in hot glass making throughout her time at University, and graduated from the International Glass Centre in 2008. Since then she has established herself as a talented artist, setting up her studio and business with help from The Prince’s Trust (for which she is now a Young Ambassador), winning several awards, exhibiting nationally and internationally, and teaching lampworking.

Ema is always working to expand her skills and knowledge, and to take her designs in new and exciting directions. Returning full of drive and inspiration from a summer session at Pilchuck Glass School in the U.S.A., she is excited to begin the next phase of her creative practice.

Prices range from £19.00 - £375.00


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