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Commissioning an Artist
Many of the artists and makers on this site will be happy to create something especially for you. You might want something for somewhere in your home or workplace or as a present. It wonít necessarily cost more than buying an existing artwork. A few things to bear in mind before you approach an artist:
  • Do brief the artist as fully as possible (in writing preferably) as to what you want, why and for where.
  • Agree a fee for the work beforehand. The artist might ask for a deposit upfront or to split the payment in 3 parts: one upfront, one halfway through and one on completion.
  • Let the artist know if you would like to see sketches or models of the work beforehand. Do go and review the work in progress if possible.
  • You may be asked to pay to transport the work if necessary and to cover the costs of the artistís travel expenses if research is required
  • Does the work need installing? Agree how that will be done and paid for.
  • Agree a completion date.
  • The copyright of the work will usually remain with the artist even though the work is yours. This means that no-one else can copy it and pass it off as their own.
A short written contract detailing these points is always a good idea.